Big Delusion Factory LP SPR16

by The Taxpayers

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"Big Delusion Factory" is the sixth full-length album by the Taxpayers, the goofpunx champs of Portland and New Orleans (and a few places in between)! The album tells the story of a woman who tells everyone to call her Linda (even though that's not her name). It follows her increasing volatility and frustration with the rapid changes happening in the city around her after a natural disaster.

This is their most anthemic and cohesive album yet, we think. It feels like something the Taxpayers have been working up to for a long time. It’s got horns, it’s got piano ballads, it’s got bizarro hardcore punk freakouts, it’s got the shoutalong catchiness of 2010’s "To Risk So Much for One Damn Meal" and the frenzied jazzy punk of their more recent albums "God, Forgive These Bastards" and "Cold Hearted Town"—and there’s so much more to it that it’s probably best to let this one speak for itself. This is one to sit down and think about. It might be one you carry with you for a long time.

"Big Delusion Factory" will be out on Secret Pennies Records on August 1, 2016 Pre orders will ship on or slightly before that date, if you ordered other items with this pre order they will not ship until the pre order date. This is a run of 500 LPs: 150 translucent blue vinyl and 350 black. If ya preorder off bandcamp ya get immediate download of the whole record wooo!

TREASURE MAP PREORDER OPTION: If you preorder this album from SPR, you have the option to add on the treasure map patch, limited to the first 50 takers. This dual-purpose item serves as both a stylish screenprinted Taxpayers back patch and *~*A MAP LEADING TO REAL LIVE TREASURE*~*. Treasures have been hidden in two locations in the United States—somewhere in Oregon and somewhere in Louisiana. You will receive the map that leads to the treasure closest to your shipping location.



released August 1, 2016


all rights reserved



Secret Pennies Records Corvallis, Oregon

We live in Corvallis, Oregon and we make tapes and records. DIY 4 life. **INTERNATIONAL FOLKS FEEL FREE TO GET IN TOUCH FOR MORE ACCURATE SHIPPING RATES**

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Track Name: Variable Bitrate, Binary On Nothing
You can lay on the floor in the hallway,
And feel the cold tile on your face.
It’s a grand day to be on your own.
It’s a grand day to be alone.
It’s a grand delusion.
Track Name: Call Me Linda
“Even though I told people to call me Linda, that was another girl’s name. I had to change my name several times because of what I had done, or rather, what had been done to me.” – Aimee Parkison, The Innocent Party

They say a storm is arriving on Wednesday,
And they say the only thing to do is leave town.
But Bobby and Rick got a generator and a couple cases of beer, so we’re sticking around.
The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was cry for no reason at all,
So I walked down to the psychic in the strip mall off Broadway,
And asked her to tell me just what in the hell was going on.
And she said, “You will always have nothing, and you will never be free. You will never be someone, and you will die young, alone, and broken.”
Well, I didn’t think that was very good.
But I guess that’s what you get for 10 bucks around here.

Light rails filled with failures and fuck-ups ride blindly towards their routines.
While the Marivan sisters steal mopeds and bikes from outside bars along Hennepin Street.
There is a definite sense of impending collision; you can read it in everyone’s eyes.
Nobody is safe and nobody is ready.
It’s all you can do to hold on.
Track Name: Easy Money
Easy money comes in through the back door when calamity strikes anywhere.
It take the hardest hit, it takes the biggest fucked, and then it turns them out for just a couple of bucks.
Easy money will dismantle the neighborhood.

Easy money came in with a hurricane.
Easy money took the family home away.

When disaster strikes those with bad luck get squeezed out of their last couple bucks.
Easy money always goes to the rich.
And back on the top floor, the Free Market is working it’s magic again.

Easy money never goes to the shelters.
Easy money never goes to the schools.
It lines the goddamn pockets of CEO’s, while the rich get richer and the poor get priced out of town.
Easy money isn’t here for a good turn.

And back on the top floor, the Free Market is working it’s magic again.
Track Name: Invader
The lice have made a home inside the hoses of the radiator.
I can never sleep at night under this city’s neon haze.
Everybody here is an invader of a human body,
Cellular biology is evidence of that.
I microwave a coffee cup and step out for a cigarette;
I panic every moment that I step outside the house.
Everybody here is an imposter in a human body;
Transatlantic politics is evidence of that.

Maybe you’ll be dead be the summer.
Maybe radiation treatment will prolong another life.
Maybe you’ll find religion,
Maybe you’ll get a god.
Maybe not.
Maybe you’ll be alive.

Wallow in the moonlight, wither in the sun:
All the high officials are manipulating everyone.

The mice have made a home inside the walls of the refrigerator.
Maybe there’s a message in the television screen.
Everybody here is an invader of a human body
Cognitive psychology is evidence of that.
Track Name: Goodbye Balance
Steps unsteady, whatever the cause.
The wheels aren’t ready to move it along.
Goodbye balance: balance always is a lost cause.

Alarm bells ringing, yawns and winks.
The water isn’t safe to cook in or drink.
Goodbye balance: balance doesn’t care what you think.

Unbending membranes flex and pop.
Unsinkable ships always sink.
Sober drunks and cleaned up junkies wobble out along the brink.
Support beams teeter, sway, and moan.
Your taxi will not take you home.
Goodbye balance: balance always leaves you alone.

The roof is bending in the wind,
And your mind is filled with mortal sin.
Goodbye balance: balance never lets you win.

This world is falling apart – the people you love are all you have to lean on, so treat them well.
Track Name: Rarely At Least
Is it right to carry hope
When you’ve hurt somebody so badly?
In this town, there are more malefactors than saints on the ground.
And the ones that hurt the most never get the final word.
Or rarely, at least.

Is it right to carry on
When you’ve torn apart another human being’s bond?
And in this town, things change as quickly as they move around
And the ones that hurt the most never change or move around that fast, it seems.
But the lies in the walls aren’t breaking anybody’s falls.
And the things I try to tell myself are sounding hollow.
All the pieces are out of order,
And getting chased right down to the corners.
You never win when you’ve won by taking the easy way.
Track Name: Roll Call
Track Name: Fuck America
Looks like the monsoons are coming to ruin the 4th of July.
It always ends up exactly like this every year at exactly this time.
I went outside, took down the flag, reduced it to rags, and engulfed it in fire.
Only a nation under manipulation could swallow the lies.

I’m out of line.
I’d better get my ass back in the line.
Only a country filled with idiot people could swallow the lies.

Looks like a snowstorm is brewing to ruin our Christmas again.
It always ends up exactly like this every time that I get off the plane.
I hate religion, but I don’t blame the stories: It’s the folks who believe I despise.
Only a world so desperate for meaning could swallow the lies.

I’m out of line.
I’d better get my ass back in the line.
Only a fool filled with half-baked ideas could swallow the lies.
Track Name: Pain Unlike Another
An asphalt lot with an ever-present fog.
A tilting floor and a gaping sense of loss.
Where nobody knows my name,
I’ll build my house and hide away.
That place will be the place I’m waiting for.

A sloping roof with a million leaking holes.
A sheet rock wall filled up with weeping mold.
Where everybody hates my name,
I’ll build my shack and hide away.
Real hell will be the place I’m waiting for.

I’ve sunken to the bottom of this well.
I’ve give up completely in this hell.
Where people curse my awful face,
I’ll set my roots and dig my grave.
Real pain unlike another still in store.
Track Name: Little Black Box
You can leave your paper down along the road.
You can leave your plastic down in that dirt-filled hole.
You can leave your money and your problems dangling from the killing cone.
You can take that hole and fill it up with rocks.
You can leave your house all summer-long and leave the front door unlocked.
You can pack your secrets away inside that little black box.

Make a phone call to the DEA.
Make a crooked deal with a kingpin in a darkened alley way.
Send a blind eye right up into the night sky when the bones begin to break.

Little black box, little black box: try to open it in secret, just to find the hinges locked.
Your tragedy and triumph is hiding in that little black box.
Track Name: Brain Drain (Tunnel Of Love)
Thank god that love is gone.
Track Name: Forward Momentum
Forward momentum; reverse not withstanding, while balancing barely on high wire thread.
Don’t drive me to panic, don’t kill off old motions - the family you’re left with is the family you get.
All alone at the bottom, rotation continues.
You look like a wreck (it takes one to know one).
Forward momentum; reverse not demanding, while balancing barely on tottering links.
Don’t cry me a river. Don’t stop when I’m dead – the family you make is the family you get.
All alone at the bottom, rotation continues.
If you aim for the desert, you’ll end up inside of a box.
Track Name: The Bottom (You Fucking Fucker)
I have been at the steps of the powerful elite
And I have been at the hands of a cold-blooded machine.
But from the buildings on Broadway to the 15th precinct
Every millionaire and runaway is coming home tonight.

But even though the boat is sinking.
And even though the whole foundation is stressed,
It gets worse when nobody is speaking out, because things can always get worse.
They will get worse.

I have been through the walls of the prominent elite
And I have been at the hands of The Relentless Beliefs.
And I know you’ll be making your money off of someone else when the bottom drops out.
And even though the house is burning,
And even though the infrastructure was crushed,
It gets worse when nobody’s left to listen, because things can always get worse
When the bottom drops out.

You fuck. I blame you, you fucker. I know the reason you came. Your name, your place, your time will come when the bottom drops out.
And even though you’ll get away with. Even though people like you don’t do time.
I know someday your little black heart will pop. Someday you’re gonna die.

Things can always get so much worse
when the bottom drops out.
Track Name: The Right Permits
Every house on the block got sold to the city; it’s sad, but some offers you just can’t refuse.
Mortar and brick once towering tall;
When a city is changing, you can’t have it all.

Now the building’s a bike shop where we went to high school.
The house where my mother lived is a restaurant.
The old public housing holds gallery art walks.
The tourists ask where the wine tasting is.

All the pneumatic drills and old bribes in the paper;
Machinery thrashing and throwing off steam.
Big business and councilmen laughing about it:
If you’ve got the permits, you can do what you please.

Now the bulldozers tumble out over the rocks
And the mold in the clapboard is making me sick.
Some worker in denim keeps calling me Linda.
I sign all his papers, but that’s not my name.

I pocket his money and then walk away.

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