Chore LP SPR12

by Hi Ho Silver, Away!

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released June 1, 2014

Recorded by Alex Estrada at The Earth Capitol

Album art by Simon Sotelo

On this recording Hi Ho Silver, Away! is: Johnny / Tyler / Nathan

LP out now on Secret Pennies / It's Alive Records


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Shorthand
I can still remember how the trees looked, rolling past our window on the way out of town. And I felt nothing but relief, 100 degrees with the windows down. And you said, "I know exactly what you're going through. Living in that house has started to take its toll on you. But if you really want to know the truth, accountability was never these people’s strong suit."

And you can draw from what you know, but the truth is I don't know a thing. I'm just as exhausted as everyone else seems to be.

And maybe that says something about the person I'm becoming. Getting better has stretched out far beyond my means. I wanted to believe that I was stronger, but that’s just not how things seem to be.
Track Name: Empty Gestures
Empty gestures coming through the telephone. A long pause and a plea to come home. So much for my great escape. Some people always get their way

I've got some things to learn about acceptance. I swear to god, I wish that I was more enlightened. But I left Denton feeling cheated, wondering if it was really what I needed. Like it's a fucking birthright.

Some people have the most misguided sense of entitlement. But I swear to god, I hate nostalgia. It tends to negate the negative
Track Name: Alvarado Sleepwalker
Had one of those days that make you wonder what you're worth, clenched jaws and fists just to get through the week. And the amount of time I spent debating the sides is just absurd.

Cause by the time I got home, you were wrecked—throwing your weight around, making threats. You said someday I'd come home and you'd be gone with the kids, and the worst part is I can't tell if I give a shit.

Garbage bag over a broken window, it keeps out the bugs but not the cold. Another useless night, nothing feels right. I'm standing in the kitchen alone.

It's just lately I've been sleepwalking. I don't get that far, just down the street mostly. I've been wondering if I should even come back, but you can't let yourself get caught up thinking about that.
Track Name: Split Shift
Holes in the wall from where the telephone was thrown. Kids in their bedrooms learning how to cope. There’s beer in the fridge and blood in the sink. I did my best with the options given to me.

So I sit by their beds, watching them sleep. And I feel ashamed; I brought them into this mess. And I'd leave if I didn't think that they'd resent me, if it wasn't me that I thought they'd end up blaming. If I wasn't worried about the people that they'd become. If I had the guts to start over with them, I swear I'd run.

It's not for me to decide what you've got coming, but I sure as hell just hope that its swift. But the truth is that it's more than likely that you'll get away with every rotten thing you did. And judging by the actions that you've taken, you've got some nerve talking about manipulation.

But sometimes I feel like I still have the strength to take back every decision I was ever forced to make. I could go back to when I was young. If I had the strength to start over again.
Track Name: Juarez St.
You were snorting lines of cocaine. Your mother’s asleep in the next room. Four in the morning on a Saturday, in between lines you explained what you'd been through.

And I thought about how it always amazed me, how lighthearted we could be about our abuse. The fact still remains that you weren't a bad kid, just always bored with something to prove.

But I remember a secret shared on a balcony from one of the strongest people I know. I was sixteen then, not willing to believe; we don't talk about that night anymore. In fact we never did since, and sometimes I wonder just why that is.
Why I didn't say I was sorry—well, I am now and that’s not what you deserve.

I took a long drive home just for the day, don't know why but the shithole was calling my name. Two hundred miles and a tank of gas. And you know, I can't comprehend who I am now versus who I was then. The distance just seems so immense.

And somewhere in that drive, I had to remind myself I was still alive. And we've all got responsibilities, whatever the fuck that means.

But if I try hard enough, I can still remember you in that room, going on and on about how when you get out there’s so many things you can't wait to do. But now you say you've got nothing left to give, bled dry just wondering what comes next. You spend your whole life working on something just to be beat down over and over again.
Track Name: Power Dynamics
Here’s a power dynamic that we both know, so let’s find our roles and get comfortable.

But how do you define what is and isn't a waste of your time? Because I've been doing the same thing for years and I don't feel any better. You wouldn't look me in the eyes, and for once that felt fine. Because for the first time in a long time I feel like I deserve better.
Track Name: The Cove
I waited for you down on my street corner, but you never bothered showing up. I was counting on a weekend out of this house; looks as though I'm out of luck.

And if you ever bothered answering your telephone, maybe I would have gathered the guts to explain that I'm desperate, I really need this. So if you could please pick me up, I would really appreciate it.

And we could drive around, wasting the gas, pretending like we had someplace to be. And I swear to god I'd reach out if I thought you'd take me seriously.
Track Name: John Adams Park
I've a got a toothache and no insurance. Yeah, I've got some unappreciative kids. And I've got a husband who just gets worse each month, and I'm just waiting for something to give.

I guess I don't have much to say for myself. I did my best with the options given to me. And for what it’s worth, there were times in my life when I felt strong, or when they seemed weak.

Like the time we watched the sun come up sitting on a park bench. It took all night but you brought me up to speed. Wrapped in blankets, going through our regrets, exchanging our families’ war stories.

And I felt humbled and warm, still lost in the night before. That’s when you put it all to rest; you said, "We did our best. It’s not our fault if these bastards want more." And I know we were just kids, but I still remember what you said. I try to hold that sentiment in my heart. But these days I can't imagine waking up and it not being hard.
Track Name: LeSabre
A lot of hot breath circling through this apartment. I'm caught up in an argument and I don't even know how it started.

And I'm watching the kids in the complex from a broken window in my kitchen. They're throwing rocks at the kittens living in my neighbor’s busted Buick.

And Southern California never looked as bleak as it did with you in the driver’s seat.

And I know that you think I'm a cliché, but I'm just trying to get through this awful day. Some people just never change. They always seem to get their way.

And this idea that we're obligated to forgive always struck me as sentimental bullshit. You gotta do what you can to get better, kid, especially if it means never seeing these people again.
Track Name: Verbatim

Exhaling somke into the vent above the stove. There’s forces working against you that you don't even know. And since the summer started I spend most of my time alone, but that’s all right. At least he's not home.

And I can hear your tires scream as you accelerate, but after that it’s so damn quiet I can hear a pin drop from a mile away. And sometimes I miss everything so much I can't stand it. I can't take it. It’s toxic.

I watched the room fall silent while everyone just averted their eyes. And your words, they just hung there, and you gathered the strength to survive.

You said, “If you keep trying to feign ignorance, I swear to god, you'll never see me again. And I'm not interested in your misconceptions.I don't think you've been paying attention.”

And it’s a bad joke that I don't want to hear again. I'm tired of wasting the years just holding my breath. Maybe that says something.

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