JTT 7" SPR04

by JTT

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    This is the 4-song debut EP from JTT, the friendliest punks and finest badminton players of beautiful Corvallis, Oregon. They play gruff, melodic punk rock that sometimes borders on the folky-bluesy. The songwriting is sharp and sincere with bleakly beautiful lyrics (or the other way around, I don't know). Think Springsteen playing a DIY show among friends at a 4th of July barbecue, because that's kind of what it was like the first time we saw these guys. A year later, we couldn't be more stoked to put out this 7" for them. This is a run of 300 -- 200 on black vinyl and 100 coke bottle clear.

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This is JTT's debut EP! You can listen to/download all the songs here for free, with a suggested download donation of $4.00, or order the 7" (which includes sweet artwork, digital download and punk points) for $5 + shipping!

This is SPR04, a run of 300 7"s - 200 on black vinyl and 100 on coke bottle clear. Each record comes with a download card!


released June 21, 2012

Recorded by Callan Sullivan at Cosmic Sandbox Recording in Corvallis, Oregon
Mixed by Callan Sullivan and JTT


all rights reserved



Secret Pennies Records Corvallis, Oregon

We live in Corvallis, Oregon and we make tapes and records. DIY 4 life. **INTERNATIONAL FOLKS FEEL FREE TO GET IN TOUCH FOR MORE ACCURATE SHIPPING RATES**

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Track Name: Collapsible
my mind is growing younger but my bodys growing older all the time
i can swing these uphill battles but im fighting wars I know cant be won
this whole town is trying to pound me into malleable material
and I thought somehow wed be different exempt from the hysteria
youre lying with the cowards hiding in the cellar
while the rest of them are leaving in search of better weather
wont wait around here for forever
the days are getting shorter and this house is growing colder all the time
i can see your breath so clearly fog the windows as we drive along the five
winters on its way to send this valley into shivers
and the wood begins to swell just like your body and your liver
birds all know its coming leave their dead along the river
while the rest of them are leaving in search of better weather
wont wait around here for forever
Track Name: Letter Home
cornered and broken ive spent the last seven days
trying to figure out what happened how things ever got this way
you call me out of the blue to tell me things I know are lies
swallow pride and grimace as my heart shrinks down to size
i aint forgotten that saying sorrys not your style
that its easier to hide away pretend noones looking for you
letters pile up until its hard to see the floors
your body takes up notice and the hate weighs more and more
dear dear dad
dont write me anymore
a steel town death is calling
and theres angels at your door
off of parole at forty five but it don’t mean a thing
youre still every bit the child you aint grown up since seventeen
go on and blame it on your father as if it takes a spine
but its shitty beer and cigarettes to pass away your time
Track Name: Lies
we had some good times but looking back I cant recall
what kept me up on edge half inviting curtain call

id say it was all clearer now id say i know whats true
but truth is im still blind as hell once my thoughts turn to you
there was this tabby looking cat wouldnt let me come near
i looked in from a distance not unlike the past few years
fierce and quick and clever escaping on her own
leaving me to trust youd find the strength to come back home
it breaks my heart every time i close my eyes
you wanna hear im over you but i dont wanna lie
it breaks my heart every day and every night
still i cant confess
i guess you were fucking right
another night of walking these cracked streets all alone
lost in conversation but impressing on me
a sense that everything would be fine if you were here
i could eat i could sleep i could fight these tears
Track Name: Anonymous
he never thought itd come to this
his neighbors thought it was amiss
for seven days the papers piled high
when they found him he was bundled in
with his best coat and a pint of gin
staring at the wall with drunken eyes
the glasses spilled around him on the table
there was a smell so thick
you had to close your eyes
they took his body out
boarded the house from the outside
forgot his name then went about their lives
she was a film star from the golden age
when every old man in town knew her name
kept clippings on the wall
that yellowed and decayed
and as she grew on she lost her place
theres no room for you in this day and age
fame faded and bled into the fray
now theres an absence growing inside her like a cancer
is that the point of growing old before you go
you can heal your bodys wounds

wear the scars the best you can
hold them up and make your presence known
you gotta hold yourself up and make your presence known

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